Giving Some Shelves a New Look

So Spring is here, or so the calendar says…the weather here in the midwest has been unpredictable as usual. To keep myself from just going mad from Spring just not wanting to be consistent with somewhat decent weather, I decided to work on a little project that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. I bought these shelves at Goodwill (for $5!!) a while ago and have never liked the color they were…

20140411_192140-2So I decided to give them a new look. I wanted something brighter…more FUN as I like to put it! (My husband always laughs at me when I described colors, designs, etc. as “fun”!) The color I decided on is called “Satin Lagoon” by Rust-oleum. It was only a few bucks at Walmart.IMG_3003First, I decided to sand down the wood a bit due to it having a coating on it that the spray paint most likely would not stick to…20140411_192918-220140411_192926-2Then, I took a damp rag and wiped down the shelves to make sure there was no dirt/remnants from sanding down the wood left on the shelves.20140411_192935-2Then, I used a primer paint to allow the wood to really grab and hold onto the spray paint once on. Once again, I used Rust-oleum Ultra Cover Primer Paint (I swear I’m not getting paid to advertise for them 😉 I let that dry for about 10-15 minutes until it was no longer wet.20140411_194250-2Once dry, I then spray painted the shelves with the “Satin Lagoon” spray paint.IMG_2980I then decided to give the shelves a darker tone in order to give them some texture and layers with the coloring. I ended up using Valspar Antiquing glaze (which I love by the way). IMG_2981I used an old paintbrush to paint on the antiquing glaze…IMG_2989Then I wiped down the glaze to give it an even more antiqued look!IMG_2994 IMG_2984 IMG_2992Here’s a shot to compare…one shelf with the antique glaze, one without it…IMG_2990I let the antique glaze dry and then wanted to add a top coat to seal it all in…I used Clear Acrylic Sealer, however I don’t think I would use this again for wood and furniture. It kind of gave the wood a crackle effect as it was drying. I guess if you’re going for the crackled look then definitely use this sealer, but if you’re not looking for the crackled effect, try using a different sealer.IMG_3002Here’s the finished product! Happy Easter Everybody!IMG_2996 IMG_3000





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